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I opened this thread, because I also would like to say hello and wish good luck for all members of this forum. My name is Frank and I am big fan of coffee and tea. Currently I have idea to create the place in my city where everyone can participate in tea ceremony or try different kinds of coffee. So, it will be a little cafe with interesting thematic design and non-standard events. 

As for tea, I like very much Oolong and Green tea. My dream is to make a trip to China and take part into the real tea ceremony.  
My hobby is music, cinema and travels. Blogging is also very important part of my life, today I am writing different articles and blogs about tea and its accessoires. If you are interested, you can read, for example, my new post here about different types of electric kettle and how it influences on your tea.

So, I will happy to join this forum and find new friends. Thanks!

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