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Most common blends of black tea
Assam tea

This tea is primarily full-grown within the state region in Bharat. smart state tea is with boldness sweet-smelling however not resistless. a primary sip could uncover astringent and phenol qualities. However, a chic aftersensation of roast malt and creamy chocolate makes for a sleek end.

Darjeeling tea

This exclusive tea is full-grown solely in Darjeeling, India. 1st flush Darjeelings are pure heaven. because the 1st pluckings of the season, 1st flush Darjeelings yield the freshest, most sweet-smelling teas. Today's Darjeelings may be derived from the assamica/sinensis hybrids developed by Lord William Bentinck and his Tea Committee within the nineteenth century. Generally, there are four Darjeeling flushes: 1st (between Feb and May), second (between could and June), monsoon (July to September), and fall (October to November). several tea connoisseurs exalt the flavours of second flush Darjeeling. because of its rich muscatel flavour (which is not like the other tea within the world), the distinguished Darjeeling is additionally referred to as the Champagne of Tea.

Ceylon tea

The first tea plants in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) originated from the Chinese Sinensis selection, that country brought over in 1824. By 1840, a country was mercantilism state tea seeds to the island colony definitely. They were therefore successful in their tea hegemonic goals that Ceylon emerged because the world's leading tea bourgeois in 1965. Ceylon black teas boast rich citrusy flavours, with delicate chocolaty nuances.

Chai Kee Mun

Kee Mun is primarily full-grown in China's Anhui province. There are four basic forms of Kee Mun: the Mao Feng, Hao Ya, Xin Ya, and Gong Fu. The Mao Feng and Xin Ya varieties are the same to be the mildest and sweetest of the four. With Kee Mun, you get a variety of floral, fruity, malty, piney, and smoky flavours, relying upon the variability you select. This tea additionally incorporates a bright, engaging wine-like colour and is presently featured on China's most noted tea list.

Scottish, English, Or Irish Breakfast Tea

These tea blends typically accompany full European-style breakfasts of eggs, sausages, cold cuts, cheeses, cooked tomatoes, saute mushrooms, and baked beans. Conventionally, English breakfast tea is milder than the Scottish or Irish varieties. All 3 breakfast blends contain a mix of an Indian state, Ceylon, or Kenyan black teas. you'll additionally realize Kee Mun, Sumatran, Java, or Darjeeling mixed in. The Darjeeling infuses clean, lightweight flavours into the breakfast teas, whereas the Ceylon christens every sip with a dreamy sweetness. Finally, the underlying chocolaty malt of state presents a satisfying end. These strong breakfast teas will be paired with either cream or milk.

Earl Gray

This pleasant tea is especially state or Darjeeling tea infused with orange oil. orange may be a style of citrus full-grown in southern Italy and is claimed to derive from a fusion of bitter orange and lemon. Often, peer Grays are combined with vanilla, giving the tea a citrusy natural sweetness and heat. There are different variations of peer grey, like French peer grey, which incorporates combos of rose petals, calendula, hibiscus, or cornflowers. Meanwhile, the aromatic lemongrass takes centre stage in Russian peer grey. Overall, this fruity, floral tea may be a common tea mix.

Lapsang Souchong

Known for its luscious, pine smokiness, Lapsang Souchong is that the representative king of all teas. Today, it still thrives within the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province and is far favoured by tea connoisseurs all over. Tea historians maintain that Lapsang Souchong is that the earliest of the black teas. swaggering tea drinkers might want to do the Russian Caravan, associate degree intriguing combination of tea, Lapsang Souchong, and Kee Mun teas. The Caravan is claimed to mimic the smoky huskiness of teas brewed underneath the starlike skies of the Silk Road.

Dian Hong Cha (also referred to as Yunnan province Red)

This exquisite tea is primarily full-grown in the province, China. Dian Hong comes in four varieties: Broken Yunnan province, Yunnan province Gold, Yunnan province Pure Gold, and Golden Needle. Of the four, Yunnan province Pure Gold distinguishes itself by its "golden tips" (fine leaf buds): this selection is taken into account the foremost exclusive of the Dian Hong teas. Dian Hong is wealthy and well-balanced in flavour, with no astringent aftersensation.

Kenyan tea

Currently, Kenya is the third largest tea producer within the world, once China and Bharat. In Kenya, tea is especially full-grown within the districts of Thika, Maragua, Kericho, Bomet, Nandi, Kiambu, and Kakamega. Today, the Kenya Tea Development Agency promotes the advancement of tea agriculture among native tea farmers. By itself, Kenyan tea is powerful and rich, a mysterious, nonetheless tempting bouquet of citrus, anise, cardamom, and chocolate.

How To relish tea

The sky is the limit with black tea: you'll be able to drink it hot or cold, relying upon the seasons and your personal preferences. Generally, rugged black teas like state, Lapsang Souchong, and Russian Caravan try well with milk, cream, or sugary milk. you'll be able to additionally omit the dairy farm and drink your tea plain with a bit sugar and lemon. Below are a number of the foremost common milk teas round the world.

Malaysian tea (Teh Tarik)

This common milk tea is drunk within the occasional outlets of Malaysia and Negara Brunei Darussalam. Historians maintain that Indian Muslims originally brought the drink to Malaysia once WW2. Today, the tarik is created from tea dustings, with sugar and milk additional to the brew. a preferred hawker stall favourite may be a meal of roti canai (Indian flatbread) and curry, washed down with copious cups of the tarik.

Taiwanese Bubble (or Pearl Milk Tea)

The Taiwanese relish pairing tea with milk and either food product pearls, fruit jelly, amylum (palm starch), grass jelly, or agar jelly. Today, you'll be able to even realize this common liquid emulsified with frozen dessert or tropical fruits. better of all, you'll be able to drink bubble tea hot or cold. the newest bubble tea craze? Tiger Sugar, made up of cream, black tea, syrup, and refined sugar boba pearls!
Thai Milk Tea

Traditional Thai milk tea is created by mistreatment each sugary milk and milk. you'll be able to even create a vegetarian version by omitting the dairy farm and subbing with coconut milk. For a style fest, attempt Thai milk tea with food product pearls, sirup, vanilla, and cardamom powder.

Masala Chai (or Chai Tea Latte)

This spicy, creamy tea is historically made up of production whole state tea leaves with spices, like cinnamon, ginger, clove, anise, coriander, and cardamom. you'll be able to prepare your own by prepping your spices in a very spice grinder 1st. keep in mind to strain your chai once boiling your tea.

Japanese Royal Milk Tea

Royal milk tea is created the identical means as masala chai, with a crucial difference: the Japanese do not use herbs or spices in it. This tea is historically ready mistreatment state or Darjeeling tea.
Irani Chai

This common drink is typically served with cookies and native pastries for the meal. historically, Asiatic chai is created with milk, a strong tea (such as state or Darjeeling), sugar, milk, and mawa (milk solids).


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